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Format Promos

How do you convince global broadcasters, production companies,  and platforms that you have the next best show for their market? And, that they can make it themselves in any language and in any country? You have to craft VERY GOOD format promos, which is exactly what we do for global distribution giants like Fremantle, All3Media, BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Cineflix.

These are fun when you’ve got a team full of telly addicts. We get to preview amazing shows from all over the world. We explain the ins and outs of these formats so broadcasters and producers can decide if they want to licence them for their own territories. All this in 90 seconds!

RATCHET - BBC - Scricly Come Dancing - Format Promos

As well as working with some existing artwork we often have to create titles and logos. Did you spot any familiar shows in our reel?

RATCHET - Fremantle - Trash Monsters - Format Promos
RATCHET - Format Promos - Dancer