Our international experience, free thinking spirit and years of marketing, broadcast, design and tech wisdom, mean that we really understand how to work with clients to create, manage and grow their brand or business.
Katherine NATHAN
Executive Creative Director & CEO
Sometimes we think that if you sliced Katherine in half like a stick of rock, you’d find the letters “BBC.” I guess after 15 years of working there from Assistant Producer to Creative Director with amazing training and incredible experience to boot, that can happen, but we don’t like violence so please don’t slice our founder in half.
Tom is French. Oh, I see, is that not enough of a description? As our COO we always thought it stood for Constantly Out of Office but thankfully it means that operationally RATCHET runs smoothly… A digital first-waver from AOL to start ups, he knows all about the dark art that is digital marketing, strategy and development.
Content Director & Producer
“Seven-lunch-sid” as we call him, Nick is a hopeless body builder but thank God his editing skills are second to none! Keeping us on our toes he watches all the TV shows you just shouldn’t, which makes him the go-to guy for useless information in any pub quiz AND priceless broadcast insights focus groups can’t buy!
Stefan DAVIS
Design & Creative Lead
Despite the beard and skinny jeans Stefan reckons he is not a Hipster… Sure. Instead he’s made his name as a slick motion graphics designer via Ravensbourne with a particular 3D aspect.
Production Manager
Claire knows that you don’t really care whether or not she can play golf or if she has two kids or once won a medal for gymnastics at school… she does however appreciate that her previous life in BBC radio production might make you breathe more easily because in her hands your project will flow smoothly…
Director of Photography
There are certain people for crimes against fashion that belong firmly behind the camera. Cameraman Matt is surely one. His geek, tech, nerdy, engineery way makes him an invaluable “Mr I can do that!”
Senior Graphic Designer
Everyone wants a personal Dorothee; because she lives and breathes all things Photoshop & Illustrator she's the one who has the power to make you look a million dollars, for rather less!
Senior Web Developer
Lionel is one of the few people who make "geek" cool. Our multi talented web developer extraordinaire is never more than a few clicks away from solving your problems. "everything is possible" is his catchphrase.
Caitlin SMYTH
Motion Graphics Designer
In recruitment, we at RATCHET like to offer equal opportunities to all, which in Caitlin’s case extends to islanders… the Isle of Man is now down 50% of its creative talent as we now have Caitlin here in London. She is living proof that a stylish illustration speaks a thousand words and with her spelling, thank the Lord for that.
Senior Motion Graphics Designer
As nerds go Sean is a revelation… a “creative” dresser, he looks good in a blonde wig and in his spare time he’s a self- appointed mystery punter for Wetherspoons. His encyclopaedic knowledge of this UK bar chain should be utilised for sure, money can’t buy this kind of customer insight... So, if it’s stylish animation you’re after or more info about where to find the best warm pint in the country, Sean is your man…
Creative Director
Junior Designer
Emily BOON
Video Editor
Damian JOYCE
Associate Creative Director