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Cadogan Tate

In the competitive landscape of fine art and high end movers, Cadogan Tate handle everything with care. How could they make their mark as more than just a man with a van?

Cadogan Tate needed a brand film to showcase their services and appeal to potential investors, plus a recruitment film to attract new talent. We had limited time to interview staff and senior management, and to film valuable pieces being packed across their vast London sites…so if you ever wondered how to box up a massive chandelier…

The global company was a delight to work with. Their warmth, attention to detail and commitment to best practices all come through in spades. The company continue to attract the best talent in the field with their world class training and brand values. All of which we were able to capture on film.

RATCHET - Cadogan Tate - Men measuring

We got a fascinating insight into this unusual business from staff and senior management, who have moved everything from presidents to priceless paintings.

RATCHET - Cadogan Tate - Drill
RATCHET - Cadogan Tate - Men assembling