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Ancestry TV Ad

How to encourage people to trace their own often humble family history as the royals celebrated theirs? Easy, every family has their crowning moments!

We brought the campaign tagline “Discover your family’s crowning moments” to life in a studio shoot featuring three people at a ‘crowning moment’ in their life – receiving a medal, being the first in their family to graduate and qualifying as a nurse.

RATCHET - Ancestry - Coronation Ad - Man in uniform

Project Breakdown

We filmed slow-motion shots of our “historical” family figures and combined them with appropriate archive photographs and documents, illustrations and animation. From pitch to final product the project was all done in-house.
The campaign consisted of a 30” and a 20” commercial, as well as a 10” direct response ad to promote a limited time special offer.

RATCHET - Ancestry - Coronation Ad - Nurse
RATCHET - Ancestry - Coronation Ad - British Flag