RATCHET - The Economist - Infographic

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Infographic for research

Creating an infographic for The Economist Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence (EIU) Unit came to RATCHET to create an infographic about Medicine Shortage in Europe.

The EIU had a narrative to convey, based on their research conducted on the theme. RATCHET worked with The Economist Intelligence Unit healthcare research team to bring this story to life in the form of an infographic.

Parts of the RATCHET design were also integrated into The EIU Healthcare microsite that presents the study.

Working with Tom and the RATCHET team has been a great experience, from the outset they spent some time to get familiar with the topic. They were very responsive and met all deadlines – even the moving ones.
Dr Annie Pannelay, Healthcare Principal – The Economist Intelligence Unit

RATCHET - The Economist - Infographic