A personalised video service allowing people to capture their lives on film
We all want to leave a marker, something to be remembered by, something we can share with family and friends, more than a collection of dog-eared photos or a lifetime of work. What better way to do this than with a RATCHET Legacy film? Record your memories, take stock of achievements and honour the people who shaped you, all in one high quality film. With over 20 years of television experience we are professional filmmakers who can bring your story to life, with both sensitivity and humour we know how to touch an audience.
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We’ll film you at your convenience, on location home or abroad, in a place that means something to you. We can also gather contributions from friends and family. The scale of your film is up to you. Spending time with our filmmakers will allow you to record your story in a personal fashion through a series of conversations. We guarantee that our experience puts even the most camera shy people at ease.

With our own brand of ‘magic’ we’ll edit your footage using any photos and video supplied, featuring your chosen music that provides the sound track of your life. This is how we create an entertaining RATCHET Legacy film, bespoke to you. With our technical know-how we can help you screen it at events or arrange private screenings through local venues. All films will be available online via a private link that you can share.

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Plan ahead for your life events from significant anniversaries to big birthdays, memorial films to family history projects. Whatever the occasion we’d love to help you create a timeless gift for generations to come, a RATCHET Legacy film.