A “plug & play” e-learning module using video, animation and interactivity.
RATCHET e-Learning puts the engagement and entertainment into online training.
Whether you’re training employees or raising awareness of issues, procedures and practices, we cater to all needs, designing content-driven, interactive training modules.

Forget Powerpoint slides, "click, click, click...", make a cup of tea, click, send an email, click, submit here.
No one wins when business training is ineffective: it underserves your valued employees and wastes money.
A business is only as good as their people. Help all your employees optimise their training and the best they can be: knowledgeable, relevant, current and legally compliant.

Today, if companies truly care about their development, reputation and success, employees can expect high quality interactive training.

The use of VIDEO, ANIMATION, and INTERACTIVE TOOLS make modern online training heighten engagement and are more effective.

Creating bespoke modules allows you to reflect the integrity of your brand and quality of your subject matter, using content-rich materials.

Our Creatives at RATCHET will work with you to refine content, including with effective copy, interactive questions/answers, video and live action filming (including interviews and illustrative animations.) We can either interpret your existing content and find innovative ways to visualise it or help you start from scratch to compose something brand new.

All video, sound, voice-overs and graphics are “broadcast quality,” ensuring the best experience for the user.

Marrying creative content with tech, our IT team will implement the module online for you, whether or not you already utilize an e-learning portal. And, rest assured, rigorous testing and bug fixes are all built in to the production and delivery process.

RATCHET has made several e-learning modules for BBC Studios and their employees, across 22 global markets, on a variety of topics ranging from Content Security to Data Protection.

BBC Studios
Data protection & Privacy

While it’s not a subject that inspires much excitement, data protection and privacy are key issues for all of us.  We created a high-quality engaging module to clearly communicate to BBC Studios employees about their obligations, processes and best practices when handling personal data.
Employee’s feedback for this module – that uses a mixture of animation, live action contributors and interactive questions – has been fantastic.

BBC Studios
Content security

Using a series of short animations and 30 interactive questions, this module trained employees on the serious and far-reaching consequences – for the business and individuals – when precious content is compromised.