RATCHET - Wise Yeti - Website design and build + brand ID

Wise Yeti

Website design and build + brand identity

Creating the brand identity and the website for a digital creative agency.

Wise Yeti is a digital creative agency (actually, the one that merged with the video production company Ratchet Films to become RATCHET)
The name took us some time to choose and to agree on! It means something of course (we can tell you the story if you want!) but it also allowed for a simple and powerful logo and brand identity, which (we think) we achieved.
The website was the ideal ground for us to¬†‘play’ around the Yeti character and his mountain environment. Colourful yet clear and simple, it features an HTML5 intro text animation, as well as “scroll down” animations of the Yeti feet as you scroll down. Examples of our work as well as team pictures animate on scroll as well. Uneven section breaks were tough to adjust on all screens! but we made it work on phone, tablet and laptops, so the site is fully responsive. We kept the content minimal and to the point. Finally the custom built CMS (built upon WordPress) allowed us to add/amend work, team and website copy in a flash.

We actually¬†won the prestigious “Awwward” which is one of the best and most recognised distinction a web design agency can get, being judged on Design, Creativity, UX, and Content.

RATCHET - Wise Yeti - Website design and build + brand ID