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Vanquish Tech

Website design and build + brand identity

Refreshing the brand and creating a new website for an IT company, as well as helping awareness and sales efforts with an animation video.

Vanquish tech did not have any design flexibility with their off the shelf solution they were using. It was neither SEO optimised, nor responsive. The copy did not reflect the company’s offering. Because Vanquish Tech is growing fast, they needed a new website to showcase its international positioning and to reinforce its image as a young dynamic company. They wanted a simple tool to introduce their company to prospective clients.
We rebranded Vanquish Technologies into Vanquish Tech, providing a cleaner logo and a stronger, fresher and more contemporary visual identity. The website design is bespoke. We reworked the website structure and the copy together as a team. The site is also SEO optimised, responsive.
The video explains who Vanquish Tech are and tells potential customers how their services can be used to add value.
Vanquish Tech can now use their new branding on selected social media properties. The CMS allows Vanquish Tech to update the content at any time (add staff, partners, clients…). Finally, the video is a great tool for them to use when their sales team is meeting new customers, engaging people in a memorable way.

*Although the video has never been featured on this website, here are the credits: Writer, Creative Director and Producer: Sally Bowness

We are so thrilled about our new website and our new logo! We really needed this as previously we were using a solution which did not allow any flexibility or design capabilities. We received many compliments for it and I believe it really helps our image. We now explain simply and clearly what we are doing, which will help the sales effort on a daily basis. Our animation is also great and the whole team is proud each time we show it. Also, Tom has helped us to set up our Twitter and Linkedin pages which we are already seeing the benefits of. It’s really been a pleasure working with Tom: all through the process, he’s been clear, precise, and got the planning and organisation perfectly right. I could not thank him enough for being so patient with us! I highly recommend his company.
Simeon Taylor, Founder and CEO – Vanquish Tech

RATCHET - Vanquish Tech - Website Design and build + brand identity