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Top Gear

Top 41 Sizzle

Well this lot weren’t ever going to choose a Top 10! Too many iconic moments to choose from…

As part of a global TV stunt across many BBC Worldwide channels, Top Gear Week was launched targeting loyal fans and giving them a week-long extravaganza to indulge their passion for the show.

The centre-piece of this week was “Top Gear’s Top 41” hosted by presenter Richard Hammond; a show that counts down the top 41 Top Gear moments as chosen by the team. In order to whet the appetite and generate some press and PR surrounding the week, we were briefed to create a behind the scenes preview of the show.

We spent the day at the Top Gear hangar where we filmed Richard Hammond both behind the scenes recording the show and in interview. The final film features our specially shot footage, and some sneaky shots of the Stig who we filmed in secret, intercut with some of the best Top Gear moments from the show. This film was used by international sales teams in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Asia and Brazil.