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Max & Kitty

Web copy translation

Localising a French website into UK English

Max & Kitty (Animaute in France) launched their new website in May 2015.
Virginie contacted us because the company needed all web pages professionally translated from French to English.
We interpreted the Max & Kitty tone of voice and provided them with the English translation of their website that reflected the local market.

RATCHET did a great job at localising our French website for the UK audience. It was not a straight translation but a real adaptation. They understood our positioning well, a high quality service, but also reflected the emotional bond between owners and pets with the right tone of voice. The team is great, easy to work with and understands very well the British and French cultures. I would recommend them to anyone who needs the same service.
Virginie MERCIER, Managing Director– Max & Kitty UK

RATCHET - Max & Kitty - Web copy translation