RATCHET - Malaria No More UK - Malaria awareness video

Malaria No More

Malaria awareness video

Helping raise the charity Malaria No More UK awareness through a video.

Arabella Gilchrist, Director of Communications at Malaria No More UK, commissioned Ratchet Digital to produce a script she had written, to create a video that would inspire and encourage both existing and potential corporate partners and a wider mass audience to support the charity. This was done through a personal testimonial account of the impact of Malaria, making for a powerful film.

Credits: Creative Director and Producer: Sally Bowness

The team took a script, some key facts and a contributor and turned it into an emotionally resonant, very human and “real” film that is having significant impact in driving forward the fight against malaria – a disease that costs less than a cup of tea to treat but needlessly kills a child every minute. The timelines were tight and challenges significant but it was an enjoyable collaboration that delivered on our brief. The Ratchet team were “can do” and professional yet sensitive that they were dealing with a “real person” with a difficult personal story.
Arabella Gilchrist, Director of Communications – Malaria No More UK