RATCHET - KidRated - Website design and build + brand ID

Kid Rated

Website design and build + brand identity

Building the brand and creating the website for Kid Rated, whose mission is to give kids the ability to rate attractions for kids, using images and video.

Kid rated launched in 2014 a new concept where kids review London’s most popular attractions. They had some videos to start with and they wanted a B2C website allowing users to upload, share, rate and comment on attractions in London.
As a team, we refined the Kid Rated positioning together. We created the brand identity (including logo, animated logo, colour palette, font…) that needed to be appealing to both kids and parents.
In January 2014, we launched the holding page enabling KidRated to finalise agreements with commercial partners, investors, and London Partners. In June 2014, we officially launched the website.
The site boasts interactive features such as a video uploader, a map integrated with search and sort functions, and many other fun things (check it out!). We also made the site SEO friendly, responsive, and fast to load, optimising the user experience. During this beta period, while the site is being set up for monetisation, it will run some banners (MPU and leaderboard) also designed by us.
[October 2014 update] After a few months, we performed an SEO audit and implemented appropriate changes. We implemented the ability for Kid Rated to manage an affiliate program from within the back-end and we keep adding custom designed pages to the site.

When it comes to marketing and digital Tom is extremely knowledgeable and his experience in start ups was of course invaluable to us all, in terms of planning, organisation and set up. This is a big consumer facing project and the team (UX, design, web development) has been brilliant. It’s easy for the user to navigate, easy for the Kid Rated team to update, works perfectly on mobile and tablets. We are so happy to have a brand and a website to be proud of and that we have already received compliments for. I would not hesitate to work with him again and recommend his company!
Simon London, CEO – KidRated

RATCHET - KidRated - Website design and build + brand ID