RATCHET - Freeview - Product in-store reel


Freeview product in-store reel

Creating an awareness video explaining the consumer benefits of the Freeview service.

The Freeview service in the UK provides free-to-air digital TV channels, radio stations and interactive services through an aerial. In order to do this, consumers need to purchase a digital set top box as a one off cost. Freeview needed to communicate their different service options.
Our partner Ratchet Films created a film that is used by retailers in store and on their websites to quickly and simply explain some of the benefits of Freeview to potential customers. They wrote, designed and produced a total of five films all hand illustrated, integrating specially shot live action as well as programme footage. Some were created using text only where the retail opportunities would not allow customers to hear any audio.
The result was an original set of stylish, warm, and simple films that all reflect the Freeview brand positioning and effortlessly compliments their marketing on all other platforms.