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Crux Asset Management

Newsletter design and campaign management

Designing and sending a newsletter (announcement) for Crux Asset Management

CRUX Asset Management needed to send a newsletter to announce an executive joining their team whilst launching their company.
Wise Yeti designed the newsletter and sent the responsive newsletter through Mailchimp.
In 1 week, CRUX received a 48.7% open rate (industry average 18.4%) and a 8.4% click through rate (vs industry average 1.8%) over a distribution list of more than 1K emails.

I approached RATCHET to fulfil a client communication during the launch of our company. They provided an instant solution with excellent results and I would recommend them for this type of function.
Giles Kidd-May, Marketing & Communications Director – CRUX Asset Management

RATCHET - Crux Asset Management - Newsletter